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Sanman Hotel, Basavanagudi

It’s raining dosas in Bangalore in all restaurants and each restaurant are getting coming out with better ideas to attract as many people as possible. This time I went to restaurant (forcibly) with my friend. The restaurant name is Sanman located in south end circle in Jayanagar, Basavanagudi.  I used the word forcibly coz seeing the look of the restaurant I dint really felt like getting inside for first time. It is of 1980s model and not really attractive to look at. But once I went inside I saw the place is very crowded. This is a typical south Indian restaurant and has a limited menu in it. But this place is famous from more ages for its “Khaali dosa”. Each person who gets into this place will not come out without having this dosa. It serves other breakfast items too and in evening they also provide chats.

Points to Remember:

1.     Don’t judge this place by its looks; you will really enjoy the food.

2.     Don’t expect any ambience, this is a very old restaurant so not really recommended for your first date or something. Bring along people who are more interested in food than anything else.

3.     You will have to shell out few extra bucks if you want to get the food parceled.


So coming to food, khaali dosa is the one you can’t afford to miss here, ask for the roasted one for that extra crispiness. They serve it here with both chutney and sambar. Masala dosa was also good here, crispy one with a dollop of butter on it. Kesari bath here is good and will have lots of ghee and pineapple in it. Another notable thing in this hotel is everyday a special breakfast item is made here apart from the regular ones and it is available only on the day mentioned. Among them Davanagere Open Dosa was good. You also get crispy vadas and bajjis. Many joggers, students and office goers come here to enjoy the food and it is open only until 8 at night. I go to this place very often now. Nice place for food if you minus the ambience. 

Sanman Hotel Basavanagudi Address

RV Road, Nr South End Circle,
Opp. Bangalore Hospital, Basavanagudi,
Basavanagudi , Bangalore 
Ph: 26570065

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