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Hello, foodies…. I am back after a long time, so had to come out with something really interesting. So this time I am writing about a very royal stuff. Bengaluru is a place of royal people with royal appetites. So there are many restaurants the Dosas have always been very famous in this city and there are hundreds of varieties of dosas available here. To add new feather into its cap, a new variety of dosa has come up. This is something really amazing and is first one of its kind in India, it’s – Gold Plated Masala Dosa. Yes, real gold is added to it in the form of foil. It’s the first of its kind here as gold is used only as jewelry.  This dosa is available exclusively in Rajbhog, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant although north Indian palate is the major cuisine here so it serves Chinese food as well.
Coming to gold plated dosa it is masala dosa that has real gold foil on it. The cost of this dosa is bit heavy on your pocket as it is for 1011 bucks. Maybe you should think twice before offering anyone this dosa treat. This restaurant also offers Silver Masala Dosa that costs 151 bucks which are actually affordable. The gold foils used in this masala dosa are ISO certified so it’s safe to your tummy apart from enriching your taste buds. This dosa is really very crispy and tasty, they roast it in olive oil to make it tastier.
This restaurant serves good food and lot of people are thronging more after introducing the new variety dosas and people are actually enjoying it. The north Indian food too is tasty. If you are ready to spend 1000 bucks for one dose, come and enjoy this unique dosa…. and take my word you will relish this experience for sure. 


92/6, Outer Ring Road,
opp Innovative Multiplex,
Marathahalli, bangalore-37
Phone: 080-600-00-600

Margosa Road, 15th Cross,
Malleswaram, Bangalore- 560003
Mobile:  9901544222, 9880023409

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  1. Wow ! this Masala Dosa soon being considered for TAX exemption in forthcoming NDA budget session since most of the people who eat this are not going to toilet due to the fear of getting it digested very soon !!