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Bierre Republic

Bierre Republic Outside, Microbrewery
I actually reviewed this restaurant in the first week of September but due to a lot of work, I couldn't take the time to write about the Bierre Republic. Let me tell you frankly, Bierre Republic is an amazing place to hang out with friends but unfortunately, I went alone and was little bored. The Bierre Republic consists of a fine dine Restaurant, a Bar and Brewery well set up for a good time. This Restaurant is very unique and well set up with friendly staffs. The Bierre Republic is a good hangout party place suitable for both couples and a large list of friends. 

Bierre Republic Tender Chicken

Points to Remember:

1. This place is classic and people who don't dress well will be charged
2. Walk around, there are lot more things to see
3. food price is as average as any other pub, so just chill
4. It's on the 2nd floor, so be careful drinkers.

Bierre Republic Special

Well, Bierre Republic is kickass in its look and well as in its taste. I ordered one starter and one main course and let me tell you, both tasted good. The first dish I tried is "Tender Chicken" and frankly, I loved the uniqueness, however, tender chicken was not really tender because it was little hard when I chewed but the taste was very good and I'm sure any beer lover will love this yummy spicy chicken. The main course consists of rice and boneless chicken gravy and again my reaction was "wow" Totally I would give thumbs up to this restaurant and I would love to have a blast in the future. The food quality and the ambience was good and trust me, your foodie time will be a kickass here. I also met the manager and he was a funny guy who told lot things about the restaurant and also his pet name "Tender Chicken Guy". So finally, A great place to handout and foodie, please go check this place out. you will love it.

Bierre Republic food, rice, chicken
Bierre Republic
2nd Floor, Pavilion mall, 62/63,
Church Street, Ashok Nagar,
Bangalore, India

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