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Faasos is a fast food chain of restaurants cum mobile application online food delivery store which serves wraps and rice on the run. It has become on of the top start ups running elegantly in the market expanded up-to 8 different cities across India with the help of Some say that its one of the advanced food ordering and delivery experience and some others say that its just a start-up with less credibility however I have taken a very different approach which not only covers their service and delivery but also their quality and taste.


Faasos meaning Fanatic Activism Against Substandard Occidental Shift is technically weird but come on, Activism against western food is bullshit because they serve cheese, fanta, meatballs, chocolate cakes and Mayonnaise. So technically, what they are serving is not entirely desi. Coming to the food, they are known for their best wraps and its affordable. The wraps are fresh, tasty and trust me two rolls fills your stomach. Their combos are little on the higher side but its surely a treat for anyone who orders. They also serve delicious rice combos which is also good however I did have certain complaints in that.
Firstly, The flavored rice is not that flavored, I mean its just colored rice with literately nothing. They have fried rice in oil with no good flavoring in it however they gravy they give blends will with the rice. Whatever rice combo you buy, they come with delicious gravy and trust me that combo is not to be missed. The complaint that I had with them (hopefully resolved) is that they used to serve very less rice is the Big Jumbo package which stunned me at first. The box they served rice was flat and the rice was not even full but it was just half so technically a foodie would hate to see that. The next complaint I had was its gravy, I mean they serve delicious gravy but the quantity was very less. however after a talk with the branch manager about my concerns, I observed that the box was bigger in size and the quantity was increased which was satisfying however on the other hand, gravy quantity was not increased. The chicken they serve on the top of these rices are amazing and I would love to eat here again and again.

Menu Options - They have a less verity of food however I think, its enough because they have good varieties of warps, rice combos and even desserts. 

Application - The Mobile Application is available both on Apple Stores and Android Play Store and its okay to use. I mean, they mobile application lags a lot and even you face difficulty ordering some food however they do have a user friendly interface and its very easy to browse around the menu.

Delivery - They have a very quick delivery however ya sometime and some people have actually complained about it but I think whatever I have delivered till now has reached me quicker than the expected time.

Services - The service is quick and their customer service executives are helpful but the only problem is that they don't have a particular number flashing on the application to call. I did face some difficulty but their social media response was quicker than expected. So if anyone is facing some problem, reach them on twitter because its quick.

Offers - They give 100 rupees off on the first order + refer a friend will get you more 100 bucks which is cool however there are problems getting that "Refer a friend" money to your account. They have a very good tracking system but I don't know, Sometime it doesn't really work however I did get some discounts from them and I am very much happy about the same.

So finally, I would love to recommended faasos to all my foodies because of its taste, quality and its assurance.

Suggestion to Faasos

1. Please make sure that your app works perfectly because I have faced some problems ordering food
2. Quantity of gravy and Rice should be increased for Jumbo
3. Add little flavoring to the rice
4. Customer Care Number should be displayed on the app
5. "Refer a friend" still has problems, change it to code than url link.

Hope these changes would be implemented as soon as possible for foodie satisfaction.

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Faasos Breakfast Combo
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Faasos Jumbo Chicken Rice Feast
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Faasos Royal Chicken Rice Feast
Royal Chicken Rice Feast

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  1. I ordered the Navratri thaali from Faasos and i must say the food was extremely horrible. You guys should close down immediately.