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Wareabouts Grill And Lounge

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge is pretty much a very new restaurant located in just next to Innovative Multiplex in Marathahalli, Bengaluru. Its a very decent looking restaurant and it has a roof top Lounge bar which is decent enough. This restaurant is basically a well set Buffet restaurant with a fixed menu and trust me, at Rupees 550-750 you'll get pretty much everything to satisfy your hunger. The Lounge Bar serves all kinds of liquor and a little setup from their side would make this even more better.

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Wine
Points to Remember:

1. Not a budget place, Its not that much costly too

2. Party Place & good music.
3. Drunkards can enjoy this place as they serve alcohol
4. Meet the friendly chef
6. Vegetarians & Vegans also have options


Wareabouts is a decent place to have good lunch or dinner however there are some negative points to the same. The place has a good list of food items that you can hog on however the food is not that classic, I mean I felt that some foods were not that tasty enough. The chef seems promising but I would really like to open his wings to cooking because I feel that the favors which was served to us was of good quality and quantity but not that good in taste. Let me give you an insight into their menu and its taste accordingly.

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Fruits
1. Lassi - It was a really fresh lassi and I loved it, A sip by sip made it all better however giving lassi first was little disappointing because sweet curd sits on your tongue minimizing the taste buds giving you lesser taste. Therefore I would really request the restaurant not to offer them sweet lassi in the start however you can serve orange or lemon juice with less sugar because lemon or orange will cleanses and enhances the taste buds giving maximum taste.

2. Prawns & Peppers with chilli Mayonnaise - It was really a Prawn Spicy Salsa  tasted unique and trust me, It was amazing. The blend between pepper and chilli was giving a very good taste and prawn was delirious.

3. Roasted Pineapple - This one I felt was unique because the blend of salt, roast and sweetness of Pineapple was just great and they served it hot which made the moment all better

4. Lehsuni Paneer Tikka - This was a very disappointing dish because the paneer was very hard and even the blend was not that great. I tried 2 sets of Paneer, One was tasting good but other had more salt in it however paneer was very disappointing

5. Cajun Spiced Roast Potatoes - I can eat this all day, I mean this dish was just spot on because of its excelent blend in sweetness and spiciness.

6. Mushroom Galauti Kebab - This was a good dish however I taught that it was little raw. The root if the mashroom was not grilled properly giving a very raw taste to it.

7. Ajwaini Fish Tikka - Awesome is the word because the chosen fish was well seasoned and it was tasting great. The fish was soft and perfectly cooked. I think this was my favorite dish comparing to all the other dish I tried in this place.

8. Murgh Hariyali - This was a much debated dish because some people felt that it was good and people like me felt that the chicken was too hard. Well, I feel that I am right and the  chicken was hard.

9. Chilli Prawns - The Chilli Prawns was yum and I felt more like eating Prawns Manchurian than Chilli Prawn. It was crunchy and well cooked dish and I think you guys should really try this.

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Buffet
10. BBQ Chicken Drumsticks - This Dish was a huge disaster because It was raw and uncooked. I found blood when i took a bite. I didn't feel bad but you guys might feel so beware. I can also tell that many be I was the unlucky one who got that but for your good, watch out.

11. Hyderabadi Murg Biryani - Wonderful is the word because I felt that biryani was filled with various hyderabadi flavors and I really felt happy after tasting this.

12. Dahi Bhalla - I am not that great into salads but this was a nice one, I mean the blend of flavors marked with the strong essence of dahi was kickass delicious.

13. Cucumber Youghurt Salad - Unique, funky yet tasty.

14. Minty Rasgolla - Completely a new dish and I had 3 Rasgollas for the first time in my life. The mint essence was light on the rasgolla and it made rasgolla more delicious.

15. Rabdi - It was normal yet tasty. Ofcourse who will dislike a rabdi filled with badam.

16.  Chenna Malpua with Caramelized Cashew - I felt this dish was too heavy but tastewise it was brilliantly made. Caramelized Cashew had a sour taste and Chenna Malpua was over sweet but the blend just blown me away.

17. Shahi Tukda - I have tasted authentic Shahi Tukda and it doesn't taste same but what I like is that this perticular Shahi Tukda was sweetish and it gave a much needed boost on our tongue.

18. Fresh Mango Mousse - Delicious is the word because I loved the blend of fresh mango inside a tasteless mousse.

19. Apple Jalebi - This is one of the delicious dessert standing next to Mint Rasgolla and I think promoting these two dished would make them click in the market.

Of-course there were many more dishes included in the menu however I taught these are the most important to mention. Finally I would love to see more creative stuffs from this champion Andra chef and I think he needs some space to create his own recipes. I think the restaurant should allow this  chef to do some more experiment and also understand Bangalore's taste buds.

More Pics

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Apple Jalebi
Apple Jalebi
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
BBQ Chicken Drumsticks
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Chilli Prawns
Chilli Prawns
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Fresh Mango Mousse
Fresh Mango Mousse
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Cucumber Youghurt Salad
Cucumber Youghurt Salad
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Chenna Malpua with Caramelized Cashew
Chenna Malpua with Caramelized Cashew
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Fresh Mango Mousse
Fresh Mango Mousse
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Minty Rasgolla
Minty Rasgolla

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Minty Rasgolla
Minty Rasgolla
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Shahi Tukda
Shahi Tukda
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Shahi Tukda
Shahi Tukda
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Chilli Cheese Bajji with Mayonnaise
Chilli Cheese Bajji with Mayonnaise
Roasted Pineapple


Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Menu
Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Menu


90/1B, 3rd and 4th Floor,

Kings Cross Building,
Innovative Multiplex, Outer Ring Road, 
Marathahalli, Bangalore 560037

Award Certificate

Wareabouts Grill And Lounge Award Certificate

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