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Honey And Spice Flavours
Honey is something that is deliciously delicious and nothing can beat it but I was not really sure about the flavored honey. Honey And Spice is a company which produces flavored authentic honey and sell that online. Buying honey is a big task because you don't really get the most authentic ones, I mean big brands like Dabur Honey, Patanjali and others are mixed sugar honey. Most of you might not know that Dabur Honey is fake, I mean it has sugar mixed in it and here comes a brand saying flavored honey and I taught to myself "This might be damn fake". First when I opened the box,  I pulled out saffron honey and to my surprise my mom who was sitting right next to me yelled "That's Authentic" . Saffron honey is flavored how it can be authentic right but she is well educated in identifying authentic products and at first was not into her review but I accept her know. Let me exactly explain you about this product Honey And Spice


"Honey Honey Prem Kahani" is something which runs in my mind when I eat this honey because its delicious, its flavourish and very authentic. The taste of honey is not important but the quality and authenticity is and Honey And Spice has actually maintained the quality however it is filtered for good. The flavours in the honey has blended well and I didn't feel less of a quality even in the flavoured honey. The transparency of honey signifies that it is authentic without any added sugar. They have 7 flavours in total and these are the flavours

1. Ginger Honey - 
Ginger honey was sweet with little spice, I mean the flavor was not too much to make it weird but it was mild. The transparency is clear, the flavouring is done within the process of filtering so you dont feel much of the disturbance of ginger.
Honey And Spice Ginger Flavours

2. Cinnamon Honey -
This flavouring is damn little, literally you cannot even detect however if your tongue is super taster then I think you might feel little cinnamon flavour rolling inside your tongue.
Honey And Spice Ciinnamon Flavours

3. Vanilla Honey - 
This flavouring is also little, I mean you can detect the essence of vanilla but it wont over hit the honey and I think that's the best thing about Honey And Spice
Honey And Spice Vanilla Flavours

4. Tulsi Honey -
This is damn strong I mean the aroma, the taste is strong and I believe this is Ayurvedic, Honey and Tulsi combo is a medicine help you increase immunity and If you have cough then this can just help you reduce the cough.
Honey And Spice Tulsi Flavours

5. Saffron Honey -
It felt like I am in himachal pradesh because as I know, Honey from himachal tastes exactly the same. To be very frank, I felt it as Himachal Honey than Saffron honey because I didn't feel any Saffron.
Honey And Spice Saffron Flavours

6. Kashmir Honey - 
I have tasted Raw Kashmir Honey and Yes, this is authentic. This kashmir honey is filtered well and I think this is the best kashmir honey I have ever had in my life.
Honey And Spice Kashmir Flavours

7. Wild Honey-
My favorate is surely the Wild Honey, because its fantastic and very authentic. I haven't had this much authentic honey in years. This honey is thick, sour, little sweet and its just perfect. The aroma is just as fresh as it can get and this is the first time I have had a purely filtered wild honey.
Honey And Spice Wild Flavours

So finally I would give this a double thumbs up and a whole lot order from my side. If you want to buy any of this honey then try this link below and get discounts

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  1. Dear sir, which is the pure honey company in India? I mean no added sugar,. Directly from the bee hive

    1. Hi Bala, I think honey and spice doesnt actually have added sugar. I have tasted all their flavours and its authentic. Wild Honey tastes fantastic, you can try once -->

    2. I disagree, There honey seems adulterated. I purchased Wild Honey. Its not thick, easily dissolves in water.

  2. Hello Concerned - I bought tusli honey from HoneyAndSpice. It seems good but one thing that is putting me in doubt is taste of tulsi is very hard. I think essence of tulsi is added to it. Because, farming of bees on tulsi plants can't extract this much strong taste of tulsi. Anyhow, I am not from this profession but want to clear my doubt on it.

    1. Hi Vivek,
      I have tried tulsi Honey and yes it is strong. It seems that they use krishna tulasi which is strong enough. Yes, they add essence to the honey and they blend it well. All the flavored honeys are added with essence. Only Wild Honey is purely wild with no added flavors.