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Marriott Hotel Whitefield

Name Marriott always makes us remember luxury living, having hotels across the globe they have become one of the best branded hotels in hospitality domain. Giving guest a luxury stay is difficult job and on the top giving them luxury food is also a big challenge. Marriot however has been doing a great job in balancing comfort and food. Located far from the city and adjacent to Inorbit Mall, this hotel is a perfect destination for weekend gateways and for all those people who love to ride far to have a good dinner.

Points to Remember:

1. Its a 5 star property
2. Best time to visit is for its festival.


Marriott Hotel Whitefield review will be very different because after quite a few visits I understood that their chefs are very talented and they make some brilliant dishes. The review what I am doing will be short and it will be on the "Indian Culinary Route" which happened recently. The only reason I choose this is because this festival had around 12 different chefs from 12 different marriott hotels and tasting all of them is worth a review. Firstly, The event was amazing, ambiance was awesome and the food was luxurious, I mean it was so blissful when I saw a list of items and most of them are my favorites. The time I started eating I observed that the quality of food was top class and due to many foreign guests, spice was very less but that doesn't make anything bad. I mean literary the food was deliciously made and felt very authentic. I think all the foodies should really try this amazing hotel cum restaurant. I am sure, you guys would love it.

Plot No 75, 8th Rd, EPIP Zone,
Whitefield, Bengaluru- 560066
Phone: 080-4943 5000

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