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Hotel Janatha

Hotel Janatha, Malleshwaram Review
Hotel Janatha is actually a very old restaurant almost as old as Sri Sagar in the same area Malleshwaram. Hotel Janatha is a pure veg south Indian breakfast home which serves you authentic dosas, idli, vada and speciality of this restaurant is that they serve authentic Maddur Vada and Mysore Pak which I think is not available in other restaurants nearby. It is also famous for its crispy vada and of course crispy butter dosa.

Hotel Janatha, Malleshwaram, Desserts Review
Foods To Try and Taste

1. Benne Dose (Butter Dosa)
2. Vada
3. Maddur Vada


Hotel Janatha is an amazing space to experience old Bangalore because the charm is still intact in that place. I mean, you sit on the bench and then self-service and you get only south Indian breakfast foods. Hotel Janatha is open throughout the day however the menu is fixed. Coming to the foods, I think Janatha restaurant serves you delicious dosas and my favorate is the crispy vada, I mean its really rare to get crispy vada in Bangalore or any other place for that matter. Also, this restaurant serves you Maddur vada which is delicious and their dessert is to taste for. I actually had Jamoon here and my heart was fulfilled. I think all the foodies should really check this amazing restaurant on 8th cross Malleswaram, it's really worth trying.


Address: No. 27, 8th Cross Road,
Malleshwaram, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560003
Phone:080 2334 5609

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