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Noodle Bar

Noodle Bar Review
Noodle Bar is located on the 1st floor of  the Phoenix Market City, Whitefield. This place usually serves you all kinds of noodles or spaghetti with alcoholic drinks. The specialty of this noodle bar is that you can choose your own ingredients and that's really something every Bangalorean wanted because none of the restaurant has such kind of a unique idea of choosing their own ingredients. I love such kind of idea personally because if you are allergic to some vegetables or meat then you can totally avoid it. The ambiance was quite enjoyable and it was rushy, I mean there were lot of people when we went and people were waiting to enter this restaurant tells a lot about it.
Noodle Bar Review, On Table

Points to Remember

1. Lot of rush on Sundays
2. Choose your own Ingredients
3. Sizzlers are great, try them


Noodle Bar is an amazing place to have excellent food, I mean the quality, quantity and taste was just awesome. This place serves you one of the best Asian noodles (Raman or regular & Flat) with really delicious recipe and the best part is that we can select our own ingredients. Firstly we ordered Thai Chicken Soup (Coconut Base) and It was lovely, It was not that authentic but the taste was brilliant. Then I ordered flat sizzler noodles and selected ingredients like paneer, capsicum, carrot, chicken & lamb. I was not sure about the selection but I was surprised that it just tasted very good. The recipe and the cooking logistics behind this noodles surprised me and of course the meat was well cooked and fresh. I literally became a fan of this noodles and one noodles filled two fat foodies. The next thing what we ordered was a sizzler brownie and wala it was awesome. People around started asking about this dish because it just gave a dense smoke and amazing chocolate aroma. So finally, I think this is one of the best place to have noodles and ofcourse who needs Maggi when you have Noodle Bar.


Unit No. F-24, 1st Floor,
Phoenix Marketcity, ITPL Main Rd,
Mahadevapura, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560048

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