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Reddamma Mess

Reddamma Mess Tirupati Review

Going to Tirupati? Want to have delicious authentic Non-Vegetarian after Srinivasa Govinda's Darshan? Then head to Reddamma Mess, located on Beri street (Beri Veedhi) for some authentic spicy dishes and to get a whole new experience. This mess is a very old mess, I mean my father about 12-13 years back used to take me here and my father when he was young, he used to come to this mess it seems, so just take a rough guess about its age. I actually forgot the address of this, however, the name of the mess was in my head. Last year, we asked around and unfortunately, no one knew about this mess, however, this year when I went to Tirupati, I asked an auto walla about this place and he gave me an initial clue. Keeping that clue, we asked the hotelier and to my surprise, he knew about this place and he was surprised to know that I know about this place. He asked me if I was local, I was like "Yeah, for food I am local everywhere." Somehow we got the address, we took a cab and he dropped us at the location. I just spotted it instantly because nothing has changed, from the appearance of the paint. We went inside and at the entrance, same as in the past, Reddamma or Peddamma was sitting and greeting people who come in. We literally looked like westerners because of our attire was just too Bangaloreon. However, Reddamma just showed us the way and we went inside. The setup was the same, no changes, I mean the benches to the people, everything.

Reddamma Mess Tirupati ReviewPoints to Remember

1. Its a mess, so it surely is a mess
2. Very local, so the place looks little creepy
3. Greet Reddamma at the entrance
4. The service is different, experience it.


Reddamma Mess is famous for its Non-Vegetarian delicacies however they even serve Vegetarian food. The cuisines what they serve is totally a hardcore military style and they literary serve almost everything. They serve 3 different types of meat namely Chicken, Mutton (Lamb) and Fish. Coming to the taste, I think this is one of the best restaurant/mess in Tirupati which serves us the best of the best Andra dishes. Let me tell you the process of ordering food, because of its damn different. First, the waiter will ask you if you want biryani or rice. Unfortunately, the biryani was not towards my liking however they serve you both rice and biryani. Once you order those, another person comes with a plate of different delicacies like Mutton Brain masala, Boti, Chicken Fry, Mutton Fry, Kheema etc. You just tell him what you want and he will just push it from his plate to your banana leaf. I was too happy and I did eat everything including fish and wow, I loved it. Everything was made perfectly, from taste to the quality everything was just awesome. So we finished eating at this place and came out to pay the bill, hilariously I forgot what and all I ate. Reddamma asked me what I had, I was frozen in time, however, the guy who served me stood in front of Reddamma and told the amount and Reddamma took it. The waiter didn't even touch the money, I taught myself "Well! I know why Reddamma is local and powerful". Finally, I think you guys should really go and try different delicacies at the Reddamma Mess because I am sure, you would love it.

Beri Street (Beri Veedhi),
Behind Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple
Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh - 517501

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Reddamma (Peddamma)

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