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SGS Non Veg Restaurant | Authentic Donne Biryani

SGS Non-Veg is a restaurant located in Chickpet or Cottonpet which sells a very authentic Donne Biryani (Gundu Palav) in Bangalore. To be very specific, this is the historic Donne Biryani centre is the one people usually ask about and for most of you who don't know the location, hopefully, this review article might help you. SGS Non-Veg usually sells only Donne Biryani and the best one you can find anywhere in Bangalore or Karnataka so to speak. This restaurant is open on all days except Monday and Saturday and also this restaurant is open only in the morning and afternoon hours, so if you hear people telling you that its open only on Sundays. Coming to the location, it's not really that friendly neighbourhood, I mean it feels like a slum but the restaurant is very clean and the food is made with well standardized hygienic conditions. 


There is no doubt in my mind when I say this as authentic Donne biryani because this is actually the father of Donne biryani made with authentic kshatriya style. The other Donne biryani centre in Bangalore cannot match the taste of this restaurant and I can bet on it anytime. From the aroma, appearance to the taste everything is absolutely delightful and it satisfies all your senses. You can actually walk in and have biryani on spot or you can just take it home, they have a well-presented plastic box for parcels however my choice is eating biryani on the spot because they serve you in Donne and the smell just wants you to dig in the rice as quickly as possible. So people who have heard about Cottonpete Donne biryani or Chickpete Donne biryani and exactly don't know the name of the restaurant and its location, here you go. This is the original place and if you find other websites talking about different Donne biryani centres then don't believe them because they don't know anything about Donne biryani and I am very localised and I am coming here from past 20 years. 


No.21, 2nd Cross,
K V Temple Street Cross,
Chickpete, Bangalore - 560053
Ph: 9341246466
Timings: Tuesday - Friday: 10 AM to 2 PM
                Sunday: 8 AM to 12 Noon
                Monday & Saturday: Holiday

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  1. The best Chicken Pulav we call it as Gundu Pulav.

  2. Place of location is not a slum IMO. It is the old Bangalore area of Cubbon/Cotton/Akki pet and most are small gully areas here.

  3. Even i have tasted the biryani there. It is authentic simple and flaverous Donne Biryani. We are having there since 30 years. Its not slum bit gully area that's it. Good one. Thank you for the post on it.