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O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery

O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery, Rajajinagar
O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery is one of the oldest and the famous bakery located in Rajajinagar. This bakery is so ancient that my father when he was young used to go here and buy stuffs. Variar is famous for its amazing cakes, biscuits and other bakery items. This bakery is has three branches across bangalore

Points to Remember:

1. Its an awesome bakery, so buy everything
2. Dont go towards Ladies Section
3. Wait for your turn to order


O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery is one of the best bakeries in Bangalore because of its quality food products and taste. Variar has kept its standards from the time in memorial or I can say that from the time I have tasted them. My relation with variar goes back to almost 20 years as I remember my father used to buy lot of biscuits from them. Although I love everything what they make, I would seriously recommend Dry Fruit Cake, Apple Cake, Butter biscuits and Veg Puffs because I feel that its one of the best. Finally, I think every foodie in bangalore surely should try products from O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery and they didn't pay me to endorse them.

O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery Menu


68, 12 Main Road, 2nd Block,
Rajajinagar, Near E.S.I Hospital,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Phone: 080 2332 4808

72nd Cross Rd, Rajaji Nagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

1217, 20th Main Road,
5th Block, Near Focus Diagnosis Center,
W.C. Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010
Phone: 080 2340 0620

Hours:  9AM–9PM
Tuesday Holiday

More Pics:
O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery Inside View

O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery Products

O.G. Variar & Sons Bakery Cakes

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  1. will visit when near rajajinagar ..unfortunately i stay pretty far