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MTR Foods - Breakfast In A Cup

MTR - Breakfast In A Cup Review
MTR or Mavalli Tiffin Room is one of the greatest restaurant located in Lal Bagh Road, Bangalore and was founded by Sri Yagnanarayana Maiya and his brothers in the year 1924. Till recently MTR was known for its restaurant but soon it became a full fledged food related enterprise which produced lot of food related products like spices, mixtures, ready-to-eat, frozen products, papads, pickles, chips, snacks and so on. MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd., recently launched 'Breakfast In A Cup' with 3 flavors that is Upma and 2 different flavored Poha. This 'Breakfast In A Cup' is similar to Cup Noodles but its indian. The concept is awesome but the main question is "How is the food?" Lets find out


MTR's Breakfast In A cup comes in a solid plastic cup just like a cup noodles. This is actually a very good concept for people who run to office without having breakfast or for those people who don't have time to cook. The question I previously asked was about its taste and I must say, I am not fully convinced.

Poha: I think Poha was really bad, I did like the raw flavoring but once I put in hot water, the poha's taste was reduced. The sweet and spicy poha was little dry, I mean the taste was not that authentic. I felt really unhappy because of the flavor imbalance

Upma: This was awesome, Upma was spot on. It gave an authentic brahmin style taste and the flavor was well balanced. Once you add boiling water, it just created a magic and that spell surely mesmerized my tongue.

So finally, MTR has dont a great job inventing something really cool and with minor studies, I think they can really improve their flavoring. The Poha as I pointed out really needs a major push with respect to its taste but over all, I think its a great product. 

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