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Jiyo Natural Review
Jiyo Natural is one of the Bangalore based health food startup company serving healthy meals everyday. This startup was founded by group of food & health enthusiasts, who craved for a good and healthy meal at their workplaces or at home. Jiyo Natural actually serves you a calorie measured and nutritionally well-balanced meals which is not only good for health but also good for cholesterol control. The standard healthy meals is around 650 Kcals with personalized meals options available. They actually have 2 different meal packages i,e., Jiyo Health & Jiyo Manage, the differences between these two packages are described in the review section.

Points to Remember:

1. Good delivery options provided
2. Enjoy the Healthy meals
3. Affordable Rates
4. Very Homely


We foodies, love to eat tasty food and the common stereotype is that healthy foods are not tasty. Breaking this stereotype, Jiyo Natural has come up with a solution which can help us have delicious food as well as maintain our diet. They actually has sent me both of their packages which are Jiyo Health & Jiyo Manage and surprisingly, I liked them both

1. Jiyo Health - Jiyo Health is a normal 650 Kcal healthy balanced meal designed for an average adults. The menu consists of a salad, 2 vegetable dishes, a dal variation, chapathis / phulkas/parathas, a brown rice item, a curd and a healthy dessert. I was surprised because the meal filled my tummy as well as it was very tasty. I think Jiyo has actually cracked the code of serving healthy delicious food to public and this package just enhanced my body with essential nutrition.
Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Plan

2. Jiyo Manage - Jiyo Manage is an upgraded personalized meals designed for a specific health condition. The meal package is actually sufficient and it also tastes good of course depends on what condition you have. I had got a package which is for obesity and I liked the meal. 
Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Plan


Ph: +91 96863 12345

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Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

Jiyo Natural Review | Diet Healthy Food

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