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Gundappa Donne Biryani

Gundappa Donne Biryani Review | Biryani Thali
Biryani Thali
I always wanted to review Gundappa Donne Biryani and with the help of the food bloggers association, I got a chance to go and review this wonderful place. Gundappa Donne Biryani is a place where you get an authentic military style food which includes biryanis, curries and fries. I know there is a cliche among people that Gundappa Donne Biryani is a place only for biryani, I would disagree on that. They serve you a lot of amazing non-veg cuisines and of course vegetarians please stay away, they don't serve greens.

Points to Remember:

1. Not for vegetarians
2. Not all dishes are spicy
3. No desserts
4. It's authentic, so don't dilute it
5. Take home options available


Gundappa Donne Biryani looks very traditional, feels traditional and serves traditional. The quality of the meat is regular and cooking is above average. The essence of the traditional Donne biryani exists in the flavours but a little authenticity was however missing. The taste and quality of the biryani is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. That is what your tongue tells you when you have this biryani. Other than biryani which is available in both chicken and mutton they also serve you some authentic curries and fries like Guntur chicken (Andra), Chilli Chicken, Kheema Vada and so on. I would say that they impressed me with the quality and taste because it felt little authentic and very tasty. The ambience is not that classy but its okay because great food comes from small places like these. So finally, I think you guys should try this amazing Donne biryani at Gundappa and I am sure, you would love it.


Gundappa Donne Biryani Review | Chicken Kabeb
63, Splendid Plaza,
100 Feet Rd, 5th Block,
Koramangala, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560034

14, St Marks Rd, Shanthala Nagar,
Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560001

14/13, St. Marks Road,

63, Splendid Plaza, 100 Feet Road,
Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

120, 1st Main, Guttahalli Circle,
Seshadripuram, Bangalore

20th Cross, 2nd stage, 
Rajajinagar, Bangalore

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