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Smoodies | Natural Fruit Smoothies

Smoodies - Natural Fruit Smoothies Review

A healthy and a fresh smoothie delivered to your doorstep is something which I think most of us want after a good workout. A startup thinking ahead, has come up with a unique offering which has no sugar, no preservatives, fresh fruits and a very healthy smoothies packed in a fancy glass bottle. This unique startup is called 'Smoodies'. The Smoodies offer 4 different flavors namely Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry and Guava. The smoothies are a great source of fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and energy. So how is this smoothie from Smoodies? Check the review below


Smoodies is not smooth but its a thick and a flavourful fruit blast packed in fancy glass bottle. The bottle is filled with delicious virgin fruit smoothies and the flavour is so rich that you feel the raw taste hitting your taste buds. Frankly when I saw Mango flavour, I really thought it would be like Rasna but that stereotype was broken when a strong taste hit my tongue. Talking about other flavours, I think my personal favourite would be Guava because I have literary tasted guava fresh juices and smoothies but I think Smoodies' smoothies seems legit in quality and flavour. I think Smoodies has done a decent job in providing quality drink and I think Bengaluru would love it. Special thanks to those people who tasted this drink with me standing in the middle of a cricket stadium and in the hot sun. Those fitness freaks surely loved it!

Wanna Buy?
Smoodies is available in their website as well as you buy it on Big Basket.
They will be soon available in super markets. So why wait? Order now!

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