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Coffee Blossom Restaurant | Club Mahindra Resort - Madikeri, Coorg

Coffee Blossom is a restaurant inside the Club Mahindra Resort in Madikeri, Coorg. This restaurant overlooks the coffee plantation, therefore, the name Coffee Blossom. This well-set restaurant has both inner seatings as well as a balcony. Amidst the coffee, comes the delicious Kodagu cuisines which are not only yummy but very authentic. The Coorg special cuisine includes chicken, mutton and pork meat as well as some veg options. Theoretically, Kodagu region doesn't have the veg cultural, however, the chef has made few Kodagu styled vegetarian cuisine making this place blossom more.

Points to Remember

1. Peaceful surrounding
2. Vegetarian Options Available
3. Ask for yummy pork


The Coffee Blossom is a peaceful place to relax and enjoy some hot Kodava cuisine. This place serves you the most authentic Kodava cuisine and other Indian Cuisines. This restaurant did surprise me for a lot of reason, the first and the main reason is that the chef Debraj Bhaumik is very knowledgeable about the history of Coorg. He is also a brilliant cook who knows his flavours right. Coming to the food, Coffee Blossom satisfies each and every palate's desire. The Coorg special menu is must try at this place. I loved each and everything from the Coorg menu. The best dish for me would be Pepper Goli Bhaji, Fresh Pepper Pork and non-veg thali. The desert just blew me away, the Pan Kulfi was awesome. I think that is the best Pan Kulfi I have ever had. So if you are visiting Coorg, surely visit Coffee Blossom because I am sure, you will love the food they provide.


Club Mahindra Resort

Galibeedu Road,
Village Kalakeri Nidugane,
Madikeri 571204, India.

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