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Exquisite is the word I would like to use to this amazing startup Teabox, a monthly tea service. Rooted deep in a legacy that’s centuries old, Teabox has redefined the way of thinking and drinking tea. They deliver the most delicious loose leaf teas from Nilgiri, Assam, and Darjeeling straight to your door, so that you can experience the perfect tea at the comfort of your home. The selections are well reflected in your choices and your palate, therefore it is easy to choose and tweak your tea experience.


Before talking about the quality, taste or experience, let me tell you about their flavors. Teabox has many flavors including Oolong Tea, Nilgiri White Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Organic Green Tea, Mint Jubilee, Morning Dew, Mountain Rose, Earl Grey, Chamomile Roy, Darjeeling Muscatel, Assam Black Tea, Organic Breakfast, Fresh Assam Masala Chai, Darjeeling Masala Chai, Assam Black Tea and Darjeeling Black Tea. There are a lot of flavors but what about quality, taste, and experience? I think Teabox is one of the best brands which is serving great tea. I personally got enough knowledge from these people to now proudly say that I can detect best and worst tea. The tea feels like it has been directly shipped from plantations to my doorstep because it was very fresh. Teabox delivers tea in Aroma Seal packs (vacuum packing) ensuring high quality and freshness. So finally, I thinkTeabox is an amazing tea company and if you really love to taste some authentic tea then you have to try it here. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Just log into their website ( and buy it. It is a user-friendly website


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