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48 East

48 East is the newest startup in Bangalore serving you the finest pan-Asian cuisine.The menu changes every week, and they serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food including Sea-Food. We all know that the startups make a big noise at first and then it disappears without a trace but 48 East is promising for many reasons. Let's look at few below


48 East is not only a unique startup but it is really doing well. The concept of this startup is to serve authentic pan-Asia cuisine and with almost 50 years of combined experience, 48 East is a promising startup which will go ahead and be there for a longer period of time. Coming to the food, 48 East has some authentic as well as some unique dishes which are Asia specific. India might be a part of Asia but their focus is more on China, Thailand and other eastern nations. They also have the middle eastern cuisine. Theirs carefully researched, crafted and curated recipes are well designed for food lovers and for anyone who would love to try something different.

The following are the cuisines which I had.
  • Spinach burnt garlic dim sum
  • Cheese and chilli baozi
  • Fish & prawn Sui Mai (Loved it)
  • Spicy Chicken gyoza
  • Tofu Satay
  • Corn on cane lollypops (Favourite)
  • Indonesian Chicken Satay
  • Chilli Plum wings
  • Teriyaki mushroom quesadilla
  • Som Tam Salad
  • Khow Suey Veg
  • Khow Suey Chicken (Favourite)
  • Bokchoy mushroom moon fan rice
  • Chicken Donner Pilavustu
  • Banana five nut roll (Average)
  • Nest of Dragon
I would not like to give you specific review because of two reasons. one is that the menu changes every week and the second is that I liked almost everything. This is the first startup which has impressed me a lot and I am actually craving to have it again but I am not able to because I don't live anywhere near Indira Nagar. (Are you listening 48 East?? I want to have it again). So Finally, I think 48 East is ultimate and I loved it. I would also recommend my followers to try it at least once and tell me if I am wrong.


More Pics

Spinach burnt garlic dim sum

Fish & prawn Sui Mai

Cheese and chilli baozi

Spicy Chicken gyoza

Tofu Satay

Chilli Plum wings

Corn on cane lollypops

Indonesian Chicken Satay

Teriyaki mushroom quesadilla

Som Tam Salad

Khow Suey Chicken

Chicken Donner Pilavustu

Khow Suey Veg

Nest of Dragon

Banana five nut roll

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