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Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's Grill & Bar is an American dining restaurant chain featuring Tex-Mex style cuisine located inside Orion mall. However, in India, It is little different. The flavouring is little Tex-Mex but surely not the way it is served in America. Indian menu is different, with add-on flavours to match Indian tongue. I was invited to taste their new menu which had grilled meat and cocktails. The place has an amazing view of Orion mall's lake and World Trade Center. The ambience is nice and staffs are very friendly. So how was food? Check below

Points to Remember

1. Awesome place for a date
2. Get drunk on awesome cocktails
3. Nice music to relax
4. Great view


Chili's Grill & Bar is a good place for hangout and date because they have an interesting list of cuisines in their menu. This menu is not only limited to food but some amazing cocktails as well. As I said, I was here to test out their new menu which is apparently called 'Chillis for all' menu. The menu is a decent American and continental which consisted of few amazing delicacies which are as follows

List of Food
1. Country Fried Chicken with green chile sauce
2. Smoked Chicken Chorizo Pasta
3. Roasted Poblano Cheese Burger
4. Ancho Parmesan Chicken
5. Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower

List of Cocktails
1. Mexican Aviation - Muddled grilled pineapple & jalapenos with cherry syrup, sweet & sour, pineapple juice, Gin and Ice. 
2. Holiday Hive- Triple sec, sweet & sour mixed with Smirnoff vodka and star anise with a dash of honey
3. Sweet Herbs - Rosemary and sweet lime muddled together and mixed with gin, almond flavour and sweet & sour.
4. Spiced Beer - Kingfisher draughted beer with cumin spice, sweet & sour, pineapple juice and Indian chat masala with salt. Beer can be replaced with Thums up. 5. Popcorn - Rum mixed with salted caramel syrup, a spoon of peanut butter with vanilla ice cream. You can have this cocktail without rum.
6. Tiramisu shake - Sweet vanilla ice cream mixed with creamy cheese, tiramisu syrup and whisky.

So we tried almost few from the menu including drinks. Firstly, the starters were good. It was a platter with 3 different fried items and mostly chicken. Secondly, I tried Smoked Chicken Chorizo Pasta and Ancho Parmesan Chicken. Both were good, I mean, the chicken was cooked to perfection with light flavouring and of course, pasta was decent. I think chillis is one of the best places for a decent hangout and awesome food. Coming to the cocktails, I was mesmerised with all the six cocktails but the best one was Tiramisu shake. The Tiramisu shake was one of the best cocktails comparing to all those cocktails I have had throughout the year. I would award this particular cocktail because WOW. The second best cocktail would be Spiced Beer, very Indianish flavour. Oh ya, the last image of this review is the dessert. It tastes amazing, actually more than my photograph. I think Chili's Grill & Bar is an awesome place for everyone. Foodies, go explore this amazing place.

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