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Columbia Asia Hospital Cafe

"I had my lunch at a hospital" is one of the weirdest statement to tell anyone but I did tell once and would love to say it again. Located inside Columbia Asia Hospital Yeshwantpur is the Columbia Cafe which is literary a hospital canteen is a destination to experience wonderful cuisines. I have had food in some of the hospitals and it sucks, but Columbia Asia Hospital canteen is different. From the looks to the service and food, everything looks promising. So what is so different in this hospital canteen? well, everything!

Points to Remember

1. It might be a hospital but cafe looks fabulous.
2. General public is allowed 
3. Dietician available
4. Good Ambience


Columbia Asia Hospital Cafe or I would like to call it a five-star hotel cafe surprised me big time because of its ambience, food and crowd. Chef Pramod has successfully brought in the flavours to the hospital canteen and it is excellent. When I was called for a review, I didn't expect it to be this premium and I am shocked. Coming to the food, Columbia Cafe does provide your healthy meals with of course a free dietitian walking around suggesting the best food for you. I am not a fan of a healthy meal but I loved the food here for the only reason that it was well cooked and was well seasoned. Columbia Cafe does have a very unique menu including the Middle East and Nigerian options. I tried Middle Eastern special Sayyadieh which is a blend of fish, nuts and rice. It was not pure Middle Eastern obviously because it was flavourful with added Indian spices but it was really good. They also have a live counter, so if you want to stand and watch them create magic, please do. The other dish what I had was something called as black fried fish. It was one of the best dishes according to me because of its perfection. The fish was filled with flavours and was perfectly cooked. The dessert was healthy grilled seasonal fruits, with a pinch of rock salt. Finally, I had cucumber, lemon drink and it was refreshing. So on the whole, Columbia Cafe did impress me and I am sure, I will go for dinner very soon, you should too. 

Columbia Asia Hospital Cafe celebrates a lot of festivals and currently, they are having Ramadan/ Ramzan special. Go try it and love it!

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