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Cream and Bakes

Cream and Bakes is a small startup serving delicious homemade Cupcakes and Cakes to the customers. The best part of this startup is that they personalised frosting that suits your palate and delivers all over Bengaluru. I was contacted by the owner Neha Goenka and she told me to try it and give the review. I have eaten in a lot of places, and I was thinking that Cream and Bakes doesn't impress me that much but I soon realized something amazing about the products which they delivered me. Read the below review to know exactly what I mean.


Cream and Bakes offers the best homemade Cupcakes and Cakes. I got a heavy delivery on the evening. When I opened I was surprised to see 2 different cakes filled in heavy bottles. I have not experienced that luxury before. Other than cakes, I got waffles, cupcake and pancake mix. Let me start with the cake, it was one of the freshest cake I have ever eaten. The velvet cake and the other cake was just fresh and yummy. The cupcake was also amazing. The fluffy feel of the chocolate in the centre and outer layer of the hard biscuit was really tasty. I was little disappointed with the waffles because it had become soft or maybe it was too healthy for me. But frankly, I have not seen any startup delivering such a premium quality bakery products. I think Cream and Bakes would make a big noise in few weeks for sure, and I really would love to eat that cake and cupcake again. YUM!

Wanna Buy?

I am not sure they would have a website or an App but I think you can contact them via Facebook or Instagram on @creamandbakes. Try it, you'll not regret it!

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