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Hotel Hanumanthu | Mysore

With the debate circling around finding the original Hotel Hanumanthu in mysuru, I got an opportunity to explore and find out the real history of this ancient restaurantHotel Hanumanthu currently located in 8 different places serves delicious aroma filled biryanis. This restaurant is divided among the relatives of Sri Hanumanthu, therefore, finding the authentic place was little difficult. Of course, all the recipes are similar but the best one is still preserved at one particular location. As most of you know, I was a part of Karnataka Premier League season 6 and if you remember Dean Jones video of Hanumanthu. The restaurant which Dean went was NOT the real Hotel Hanumanthu. Shocked? Well! even I was when I discovered. I cannot say the Hotel Hanumanthu that dean went was fake but it is not where it all started!

Where is the original?

The original Hotel Hanumanthu actually started in a small house located on the Rathna Simha Street. This house is a small one-room flat located on the first floor. The story goes that Sri Hanumanthu used to cook Pulao here when he used to go to wrestling. Then the neighbours felt the taste and told him to set up a shop at Akbar Rd Cross. This story happened in the year 1930 and most of the people have forgotten. The first-floor house was also converted into a hotel and apparently, they prepare authentic Hanumanthu biryani than the shop which is on the other side. The sources told me that  Akbar Rd Cross Hanumanthu has a larger kitchen, therefore, they cook a lot of biryani and distribute to other Hanumanthus in Mysuru but the one which I went has a separate kitchen facility and the taste is different.


The food at the original Hotel Hanumanthu at Rathna Simha Street is far more superior than other Hanumanthu. From the taste to the aroma, everything defers. Maybe the other Hanumanthu restaurants have become more commercialized but not this. The place was empty and only like 2 or 3 people came inside to have Biryani. Talking to a person inside the restaurant, he told me that many don't know that this has a different kitchen setup, therefore, they usually don't see the difference between the other Hanumanthu. I was under doubt but I got a clarity when I had biryani at other Hanumanthu. It was different!

So to conclude, the original Hotel Hanumanthu makes different biryani than the other commercialised restaurants but no Hanumanthu is fake. The owner of this first-floor house/restaurant is H.Vasu who is the son of Sri Hanumanthu.

Best Dish to Order:.

Mutton Pulao
Chilli Chicken
Paya & Soup (Sunday Mornings Only)

Rathna Simha Street 3rd Ln,
Mandi Mohalla, Mysore,
Karnataka 570001

More Pics:
Entrance to the Original Hotel Hanumanthu located on the first floor. It is basically a house turned restaurant.

Authentic Hanumanthu Mutton Pulao Biryani

Chilli Chicken


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