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Maharaja Restaurant | Chikmagalur

The Maharaja Restaurant in Chikmagalur is one of the famous restaurant suggested by many locals. Located on the I.G road, this place makes some fantastic Arabian or Hyderabadi cuisines. The surprising part was the locals, I mean whoever we met suggested Maharaja Restaurant, therefore, I stepped into this restaurant to know myself why this is so famous. The first time was when I had a casual trip with my fellow bloggers and the second time was when I was on a shoot to explore Chikmagalur. This restaurant is been covered on video as well however it will take a couple of weeks to come online until then read the review below.

Points to Remember

1. Try Mutton Biryani here
2. Vegetarian Options available
3. Ask for Chicken Chinese Chikmagalur dish or call it Brew & Chew special fry 😜


The Maharaja Restaurant serves you a very delicious Arabian or Hyderabadi cuisine with a touch of maharaja special. Some of the dishes names felt basic but the taste was above average. The best or my favorate from this place would be the classic Mutton Biryani. The aroma, the flavours, meat and well-blended spices made the biryani just an excellent dish. The well-cooked meat was also a highlight of the biryani. The chicken biryani was also excellent and yes, it is not the same biryani. Many restaurants make biryani and add meat on top but Maharaja Chef cooks chicken and mutton differently, therefore, the taste is totally different. I am not a big fan of chicken biryani but I actually liked the cooked chicken leg as well as the biryani. Please note that mutton biryani is definitely better than chicken because of its spice levels and the masala. The owner of this restaurant was kind enough to come and give us some insights about the dishes and they provided a unique Indo-Chinese creation something called as the Chicken Chinese Chikmagalur Fry. I definitely loved both the times and of course the desserts were amazing too! So next time if you are planning to go to Chikmagalur don't forget to have excellent biryani at this place.


Opposite Giri lnn,
I.G road,
Karnataka 577101

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Chicken Biryani

Maharaja Special Mutton Biryani

Maharaja Special Veg Biryani

Roti & Jeera Aloo

Special Chicken Chinese Chikmagalur dish - Call it Brew & Chew Special.


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