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RRR Hotel | Mysore

RRR Hotel is a very old restaurant in mysuru has quite a small history surrounding it. I was aware of this restaurant but I had never visited it. It was purely an accident how I visited this restaurant. On a Monday, I wanted to go to have Hanumanthu Biryani but Monday is a holiday, therefore, I decided to go to RRR hotel and trust me, I didn't regret that decision. RRR Hotel is a contemporary Andhra style restaurant and they serve delicious biryani. The unlimited vegetarian meal option is very famous at this place as well as chicken fry. So how is this place? well! check it out.

Points to Remember

1. Don't expect great ambience
2. Try biryani and meals
3. Eat on Banana Leaf with hands. 
4. Vegetarian options available


RRR Hotel restaurant is a small Andhra place serving some delicious non-veg and veg food. The place is packed all the time and I found it very difficult to even get a table. So they serve food on Banana leaf which I love because the banana leaf gives you an amazing flavour when you put hot food on that. Many people were ordering meals but I thought I should order Mutton Biryani and asked him what is the famous chicken dish, he said chicken pepper dry so I order that one. So the biryani was not authentic Andhra biryani but it was flavourful. The texture was mild and had a fairly cooked meat. The mutton was little rubbery but the well-blended flavours gave an extraordinary taste. The chicken pepper, however, was amazing. Well cooked chicken, decent flavouring but spicy. It gave a very nice taste to the tongue and went well with the biryani I ordered. If Hanumanthu is closed then I think everyone should try RRR biryani, I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Gandhi Square, Near Mahatma Gandhi Statue,
Chamrajpur, Mysore,
Karnataka 570001

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