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MonkeyBox is a startup delivering yummy food to school kids. It might not be the Akshaya Patra for the rich but the quality surely is. MonkeyBox delivers nutritious and tasty meals to school kids serving from 1 to 18 years of age. So this is how it works, as a parent you need to download the app and subscribe to any meal plan. Choose the preferred dishes for your kid based on your kid's likings and your health preferences. Your kid will receive the prefered meal half an hour before your kid's lunch break in their respective schools.


A risky business running successfully, MonkeyBox is an excellent concept for this generation. For busy working parents, it is very difficult to cook for their children early in the morning but startups like these can help solve this basic problem with ease. MonkeyBox definitely has quite a decent kitchen setup and a very good storage facility. So coming to the food, it is decent enough for any kid and the meal is decently packed. Because it is delivered half an hour before the lunch break, I am not sure about the temperature of the food but the packing is done with perfection including a barcode on each box. The barcode is scanned once the food reaches the school, and the parents will get a notification on their app about the delivery. This gives quite a good connection between the delivery, kid and parent. This also helps parents to keep track of the delivery. Food, however, is of decent quality but the chef managing this seems to be knowledgeable about the nutritional value of the cooked food. So it's a good option for many working parents to opt for this service. But parents, I request you all to cook if not all the times but few times a month for your kids because remember mother is the best chef of all.

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You can visit their site at or download their app available on both iOs and Android.

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