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Cinders Rooftop Barbeque | Comfort Inn Insys

Cinders Rooftop Barbeque is Rooftop pool view restaurant on top of Comfort Inn Insys, Mathikere. This restaurant is designed for perfection and the ambience is perfect for a couples night out. I was here on the valentine's day and experienced it as a couple. The Cinders Rooftop Barbeque is spacious for mini hangouts and the overlooking pool is just pleasant to the eyes. The midsection is for the buffet and adjacent to it is the live kitchen. On the valentines day, they had a nice couple dinner set up with balloons and etc which was nice. But how was food? check it out below

Points to Remember

1. Take her on a date here!
2. The ambience is wonderful
3. Buffet Restaurant
4. Vegetarian Options Available


Cinders Rooftop Barbeque is a pretty place for a couple hangout or a small get together. Nice view and decent music will make your day peaceful for sure. Coming to the food, Cinders Rooftop Barbeque is majorly into Barbecue dishes however the other dishes were not so bad at all. I tried chicken roast, mutton pepper fry and barbecue sauce fish, I liked chicken and mutton but fish was not good at all. The only reason is the barbecue sauce is sweet on the fish, therefore, it lacked seafood flavour but all others were good. I tasted almost all the dishes from the buffet and I loved most of them. The best dish was the seafood biryani, mutton fry and cauliflower gravy. All the three were wonderful and of course, the other dishes and desserts were good too. I think this seafood biryani is one of the best seafood biryani I have ever tasted. The meat was well cooked and the flavouring was just perfect. The palak paneer and pasta takes the second place because it was well prepared. The chefs who work here does have a pretty good idea of Bangalore tastebuds which is very important. The well-set menu and placements were perfect to the eyes as well as our tongues. Well done, Cinders & Comfort Inn Insys. 👍
I will give a thumbs up to Cinders Rooftop Barbeque and a double thumbs up to the seafood biryani. Foodies, go and check it out.

Note to all my readers and chefs, please remember one thing, characterise the meat flavouring with the environment they lived-in. Like fish, never ever make it sweet. Make fish either with salt or spice or sour but never sweet because salt and sweet doesn't go well. 


Comfort INN Insys
Nanjappa Reddy Colony, Mathikere,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054

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