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The three-day Organics and Millets 2018, International Trade Fair (ITF) just got ended and it was a wonderful affair. An ocean of millets and its products everywhere. Finding something really authentic and tasty in this fair was difficult however I found a very delicious millet cookie. A person served me a very palatable millet cookie and I became a fan instantly. That millet cookie was from the Pristine Organics. The Pristine Organics had a huge setup with wide varieties of millet products inside the International Trade Fair. So how are Pristine Organic' products? Check it out below.

Products Reviewed:

Organic multi-millet bread
Organic Millet biscuits
Millet flakes


I am not a great fan of millets, however, Pristine did change me a little. I have not had Millets before at least not everything. I have had ragi and other Millet but not much and not a great fan. The name millet is a very new thing to me but however, it is trending now and making a good noise, of course for all the good reasons. The Pristine Organics is a brand who makes products out of these millets. Pristine is a pioneering company in manufacturing organic and nutritional products using a wide variety of broad diverse crops. The product ranges from the organic pediatric supplement to critical nutrition. I tried 3 products and they are as follows

Organic Multi-Millet Bread - The bread was a shocker because just like a normal bread. I didn't feel any millet about it. If you know what I mean.

Organic Millet biscuits - I tried 2 types of biscuits, one was a regular cookie and the other is the diet biscuit. I liked the regular version of millet biscuit but not the diet biscuit, maybe because I like sweetness in my cookie.

Millet Flakes - The Millet flakes were really nice, I mean a pinch of apple sweetness and tummy full quality will surely help anyone who is looking to cut down on their fat intake. I really thought the Flakes won't be that tasty but hands down for Pristine Organics.

So I think Pristine Organics has done a wonderful job in creating some amazing millet products and double thumbs up to these guys

Note: Anyone trying to lose weight like me or just want a healthier option can surely try Pristine Organics. It is yummy as well as healthy. Try their bread and Flakes, it is a must.

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