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Glocal Junction is located in Indiranagar offering global food with a local touch. This is a very new concept in India and seriously it is unique. This restaurant cum lounge bar offers unimpeachable cuisine and elaborate bar menu with twist everywhere. Glocal Junction is a part of Foodlink Restaurants who own a couple of different concept restaurants across India. Glocal Junction, however, has three branches located in Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Its been about a year in Bangalore and Glocal Junction is really doing a good job serving good experiences. So how is the food? well! check it out below.

Points to Remember

1. Try cocktails
2. Must try Coorg specials
3. Good Ambiance for hangout
4. Friendly staffs


As we foodies, we always love something very unique and Glocal Junction is that unique. The exciting international food and drinks menu with an Indian/local twist makes Glocal Junction a very unique than all other restaurants in Bengaluru. I tried a couple of dishes and a lot of cocktails during my visit to Glocal Junction. I enjoyed the Holi drinks menu which consisted of cocktails blended with local flavours. I don't know how appropriate it would be to review on the special menu but my belief is that if they know how to blend a drink then they pretty much know the art. So let me talk about the Holi blenders before I talk about the food. So the Holi cocktails I tried were
Pushkar Fever
Thandai Chai Ke Sath
Paan Banaraswala
Desi Jugaad
Rang Mai Bhang
Nashe Si Chad Gayi
Rang Rasiyaa
That me explaining about the drink, I think it's better to give one-word review 'Awesome'. The blend was on the dot and flavoursome. The Thandai Chai Ke Sath, Desi Jugaad and Rang Rasiyaa were the best among this. However, the Thandai Chai Ke Sath impressed me a lot. A simple masala chai flavouring on Vodka, this blend impressed me a lot. I can drink this chai all day. I am not sure if Glocal Junction serves 'Thandai Chai Ke Sath' every day but I suggest you ask them. I loved every blend they prepared. Coming to food, I am impressed with the understanding of their flavours. The chicken wings or pizza or rice, everything is locally flavoured to awesomeness. The chilli chicken pizza can take over the world because the blend perfectly works and with a pinch of extra spice, its a revolution. The Coorg chicken can burn the world because it's very very spicy. If you want a good starter to go with you Beer, I suggest extra spice Coorg chicken. It looks like a chicken filled flamethrower coz its dead red and spicy. I also tried chicken wings and fish fingers, not bad at all. So after a long time, I felt very satisfied after having Glocal Junction's food and blends. Tripple thumbs up to Glocal Junction, fantastic job indeed.


Bangalore 2986, 12th Main Rd,
HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

Ground Floor, Nehru Centre,
Dr Annie Besant Road,
Opposite Nehru Planetarium,
Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400018

First Floor, Signature Towers,
Opposite Botanical Garden,
Kondapur Junction, HITEC City,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500084

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Thandai Chai Ke Sath

Paan Banaraswala

Pushkar Fever

Nashe Si Chad Gayi


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