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Indira Canteens

Indira Canteens are a government-owned kitchen and restaurant for poor people. Launched by Rahul Gandhi, this canteen serves Breakfast, Lunch &  Dinner at ₹5 and 10 respectively. Each such canteen can serve up to 500 people per day. With 27 centralized kitchens are planned in each assembly constituency of Bengaluru, Indira Canteens are growing rapidly at the cost of the ex-checker. So how is the food and is it worth?

Points to Remember

1. Only for underprivileged
2. Canteen looks clean
3. Don't expect high quality and taste


Indira Canteens are surely becoming popular among the Bangalore public only because it is cheap. 5 and 10 menu is great for the food they serve. So I did go to one of the Indira Canteen 2 days for breakfast and lunch. I must say, I was impressed a little. The cleanliness, crowd, food was good. I mean, for 5 and 10 the food was really good. I cannot high quality because it was not but it was definitely fit for eating. The morning breakfast Upma was decent enough to eat. The taste was average but not bad for sure. The lunch sambar, rice was average and curd rice was just water. I mean, the curd rice was not bad in taste but the quality was very poor. So request you guys to try it once and let me know if you like it. If not then comment below.


Day of the Week
Breakfast (07: 30 to 10:00)
Lunch(12: 30 to 15:00) and Dinner(19: 30 to 21:00)
Idli or Puliyogare
White rice, Veg Sambar or Tomato bath & Curd rice
Idli or Kharabath
White rice, Veg Sambar or Chitranna & Curd rice
Idli or Pongal
White rice, Veg Sambar or Vangibath & Curd rice
Idli or Rava Khichdi
White rice, Veg Sambar or Bisibelebath & Curd rice
Idli or Chitranna
White rice, Veg Sambar or Menthya Pulav & Curd rice
Idli or Vangibath
White rice, Veg Sambar or Puliyogere & Curd rice
Idli or Kharabath or Kesaribath
White rice, Veg Sambar or Vegetable Pulao & Curd rice

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