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Are you looking for a place to chill with food, or maybe play video games or board games or just sit and read some good books? All this is possible at the newly launched cafe, Zee5 Loft. The Zee5 Loft is a cafe cum play area cum social club cum everything else you can dream of having at a cafe. It is a very unique concept and the response is quite impressive. I visited a day after the launch of Zee5 Loft in HSR Layout, and I was surprised by the crowd. But the obvious question, how was the food? Well! check it out below.

Points to Remember

1. The best option to Hangout
2. Try their desserts
3. Enjoy good Music
4. Play some games
5. Board games! Anyone?
6. Time to relax


Zee5 Loft is surely an exciting place to hang out and I was impressed when I entered. The ambience is just amazing and the feel or the vibe is just blissful. The delicious aromas of fresh food from the open kitchen will definitely make you lot more hungry than you think. The food choices vary from pizzas as the main course to BBQ chicken wings as the starter. I mean, it's just not a small bakery cafe. The open kitchen makes this place better because you can see how your food is been prepared. They also promise 10 minutes to serve but it took more than 15 minutes for sure but who cares if you are playing the video game if you know what I mean. 😉

Coming to food, it was definitely of good standards but I wouldn't say great. I mean, it was better than most of the cafes around Bangalore but there is always a place for improvement. I tried a couple of dishes and it was good. I liked the pizza, Masala Pan seared fish N chips and their burgers were good and of course there were some regulars like chicken wings or potato fries etc is definitely basic. Talking about the food, I think the freshness of every dish is to be noted because it felt refreshing.
Speaking of refreshing, Zee5 Loft's mocktails or non-alcoholic drinks stands tall. I loved most of their mocktails especially Rose Oreo Shake and Vietnamese coffee was excellent. If I should give them an award, then I would really give them for the Vietnamese coffee because it was mind-blowing. So Zee5 Loft is a place for people who just want to relax, play games or just relax and sip a cup of coffee. Go explore the place and let me know what you think about the place in the below comment section. 


Ground Floor, Shree Arcade,

19th Main Rd, Sector 4, HSR Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

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