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Profile Of Jayanth Dev (Our Official Foodie)

Jayanth Dev | Brew & Chew | Bangalore's Best Food Blogger
In recent years, there have been a number of novice bloggers choosing to share their gastronomical experience through their blogs. In a way, that food blogging has become an integral part of this century food writing.

Jayanth Dev, an Entrepreneur, Saxophonist, Social Media Manager and a Pioneer Foodie who loves to eat, drink and enjoy life to the fullest. Blogging has become an integral part of his life and with the changing trend, he has been successful in evolving his skills in identifying flavours and of course being honest about it. Unlike many pretending to be Food Bloggers and Zomato bloggers, Jayanth Dev has kept his thoughts focused on providing an ultimate and honest review about the restaurants giving full information to the viewers.

The restaurants have also been benefited by the influences of Jayanth Dev's review as well as helped them improve in the market. Jayanth Dev has also been tremendously working on to bring the wide variety of Indian culinary knowledge to the webspace. His immense contribution to the world of food and blogging has been highly recognized the world over with about a million blog views, he can be said as the Bangalore's Best Food Blogger or India's Best Food Blogger. 




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