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Ranjini Sunil (Vegetarian Chewer)

Hello foodies,
I am Ranjini, A proud Bangalorean, homemaker and  mother of a sweet little girl. This is just the one side of me. The other side of me is a big foodie.  Any party or wedding I attend the first reason I go there is to explore varieties of food.  Be it during my college days or during my professional days as a teacher the only thing that interested me was food. This is when I explored the foodie in me. I am a strict veggie but have come across many varieties of yummy food like North Indian, south Indian, French, Chinese, Italian food name it any. I just love it. Being in a city which is said to have largest chain of vegetarian fast food is a blessing in disguise.  So all you folks out there get ready to brew and chew with me.


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